Classroom 1: Basic Chords and Strumming
This course covers all the information a beginning guitar player needs to know to become familiar with the instrument. The 18 most often used chords are taught and the melody lines are written in tablature, which is the most common form of writing for guitar. Basic strum patterns are introduced also. This comprehensive course is perfect for learning the fundamentals of playing guitar.

Classroom 2: Sight reading music and elements of music.
This course covers the elements of musicianship. Musical notation is the traditional way of communicating music ideas. The course covers how to read music and play it on the guitar. This complete course prepares the student to be proficient as a sight reader. The elements of timing and playing in various keys is also taught. The many details relating to this topic are demonstrated in a clear manner.

Classroom 3: Elements of theory, ear training, and improvising.
Theory explains why things sound the way they do and organizes music into clearly defined areas. Ear training is a means of developing the ear to hear subtle differences in music. Improvising is the ability to make up musical phrases instantly. A basic introduction to each of these areas of music is taught in this course.

Classroom 4: Overview of the 12 Bar chord progression, roots of modern music.
This course goes into a detailed study of playing guitar in relation to modern music. The roots of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, and related styles originate with the 12 bar stylings. This is an excellent course with very interesting material.

Classroom 5: Classical repertoire and open tunings for guitar.
This course has the most popular repertoire for Classical guitar written in Tab. Advanced guitar players frequently tune the guitar in various open tunings. This course demonstrates the more popular open tunings and gives ample material to practice them.

Classroom 6: Introduction to playing guitar (30 Hour Course)
This very popular course introduces beginners to a variety of concepts. It covers the first portions of modules 1 and 2. Basic elements of music are taught. If a student only requires one course rather than a series, this is the perfect classroom.

Course Preview

Preview of the "Getting Started" Classroom:

A general introduction to the guitar. Learn about basic tuning, the parts, how to read tablature, chord & fretboard charts and basic chords. Click below to view..