About Us

Who: Music Educators Institute – MEI www.meicanada.com

What: Delivers no fuss credit music courses for grades 8-12 to DL Schools

  • The MEI courses are used throughout Canada by DL schools.
  • The MEI knows what DL schools require. Easy to use systems.
  • Essentially the councilor or secretary registers the students with the
    Online submit form & we take care of the rest for you, exams, support etc.
  • Each school has real time easy access to all student records & the MEI.

Where: The MEI headquarters is in Vernon, B.C.

25 – 100 Kalamalka Rd.
Vernon, BC
V1T 9G1

Phone: 250-558-1960


Why: To deliver the worlds best credit music courses designed for Online learners. We cater to the needs of Distributed Learning Centres.

  • Music courses are an awesome aspect of the schools course catalog.
  • At any given time there are literally hundreds of students going through MEI courses. We are tried and true, the pioneers & forerunners in DL. Since 1995.

When: Now. The MEI registers students and schools 7 days a week throughout the year.

How: Because you are a DL school you are already registered on our database and can begin submitting new students today if you wish.

We are cost effective financially, time & energy wise!
It makes sense to offer these courses. It’s good for the school & the students!
We make it all so simple


Here’s a YouTube video that was put together with more info:

Here’s another YouTube video explaining how to register students: