1. I'm having trouble tuining my guitar. What is the best approach?
    The best thing to do is get a guitar tuner. they are inexpensive and can be picked up at any music store. A guitar tuner automatically detects the pitch of your strings, and when you are in tune, an indicator light comes on.
  2. My fingers are sore from playing. What can I do?
    Sore fingers can occur for several reasons. One is the calluses on your hand have not been developed yet. Be patient and with time the pain will go away. Another is your strings are too thick. If you are a beginner, go to the music store and ask for "light gauge" strings. Lighter strings have less tension making them easier to play. If you are playing a guitar with steel strings, usually they are harder to play than a "Classical Guitar" that uses nylon strings. Consider switching to a Classical Guitar. The "action" or height the strings are above the neck can severely affect the playability of you guitar. Check to see if the strings aren't too high above the fretboard. If they are, you may need to take it to a guitar tech (at most music stores) to set the "action" for you. This can make a radical difference in the playability of your guitar.
  3. What is a capo?
    A capo is a small device that goes on the neck of the guitar. Placing a capo at different frets allows you to play in higher keys while playing the same chords. Another advantage is that a guitar is easier to play at the higher frets, so beginners that can't play the chords very well can use a capo to make chording easier.
  4. Do I use a pick or my fingers?
    Depends on the kind of music. Classical guitar is played with fingers as well as "fingerpicking" style. Most contemporary music uses a pick. An electric guitar is usually played with a pick, but an acoustic guitar is played equally with either.
  5. I can't make all the strings play when I do a chord, why?
    This is not unusual for a beginner. Make sure your fingernails are short. Long nails can inhibit your playing ability. Make sure you're fingers are as straight up and down as possible. Put your thumb behind the neck to help improve the angle. Don't push your arm into your side and sit up straight. Relax. Make sure your finger is placed between the frets not on top of them. Play the chords as much as you can and you will improve!
  6. Can I get tab from the internet?
    Yes. There are several places to get tab for your favorite songs from the internet. Our favourite places are OLGA (Online Guitar Archive) and My Songbook.com. http://www.olga.net & http://www.mysongbook.com MySongbook.com requires a program called "Guitar Pro" for reading and writing tabs. Go to http://www.guitar-pro.com to download a trial copy.
  7. How do I do my performance exam?
    Upon completion of your written exam, you will be e-mailed a comprehensive test requiring you to play key elements from the classroom that you've completed. This will include chords and melody etc. You will record you performance on a cassette tape, stating your name and the classroom you are in. Please announce each question you are going to perform. If you have the ability to record your exam on CD, this is also acceptable. You will then mail your tape or CD to an address given to you.

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